What To Include In Team Code Of Conduct

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Scavenger Hunt: Great for Morale

Building a solid team is sometimes the hardest part of finding success within your business. Some people are born team players; others have to be coaxed into looking out for the best interest of the team. Have you ever seen a basketball player that refuses to pass? This type of person is … [Read more...]

Working With A Prima Donna Is A Really Tough Job

I am a member of a 3 member team.I have this really headstrong team member who was preparing for an exam due to which I took on a major part of the load for the project. This person refused to listen to anything that made sense regarding the topic to be chosen for project work despite the fact that … [Read more...]

Team Activities Affecting Work Performance

A harmonious workplace is a productive workplace. A workplace beset by internal bickering and tension will not be operating to its full potential. But how does an employer change the culture of a dysfunctional workplace and help foster feelings of goodwill among employees? How can the lines of … [Read more...]

What To Do Since I Lost My Team Leader Role

Can my boss take my team leader position away from me and the dollar on the hour pay from it? I have been a team leader for over a year and I was leaving her notes about things that were going on in the building that shouldn't have been and the next thing I know she handed me a letter saying she … [Read more...]