Round the Clock Teams Require Special Communication

If your company runs around the clock on a twenty four by seven, three sixty five schedule, it could be at risk for communication issues among the teams who cover different shifts. Twenty-four hour operations add an additional dimension of complication to working in teams. Before you run into … [Read more...]

Open Communication With a Talking Stick

Have you ever attended a meeting where everyone talked and nobody listened? What a waste of time. Way too often team meetings turn into a "me-fest" where each person is so busy trying to make their own points, they don't hear a word that other people have to say. If this sounds like your … [Read more...]

Team Member Doesn’t Share In Collaborative Tasks

A new team (two members and a lead) was recently formed to provide technical support for a new product. I started a few weeks before the second member and built up some knowledge and resources. As soon as the new member joined, I shared everything I had. Two tasks were put to the team and we … [Read more...]

How To Be An Effective Team When You Never Meet Face To Face

I am just starting a uni module which involves team work in an online discussion board. Basically we never meet each other face to face. How do you think this will change our team work and what would be the two most important ground rules? … [Read more...]

How To Deal With A Boss Who Bypasses The Team Leader

My boss is a good guy with great intentions and a friend from many years back. I began working with him two years ago and our problem lies in him giving my staff assignments and work duties without even consulting me. He did so for a year-and-half, and then I got an opportunity to head another … [Read more...]