How To Close The (Mis) Trust Gap In A Team

My team is located all over the states. We seem to have communication and trust issues within our group. I wanted to come up with some team building exercises that can be done over the phone on one of our staff meetings. Do you have any recommendations or suggestions on any team building games or … [Read more...]

Yes, Team Goals Are Real Work Too

In many organizations, the first quarter means leaders and team members will spend hours discussing performance -- how things went last year and what goals to focus on for this year. Then everyone will go on their merry way and not talk about goals again until first quarter of next year. Is your … [Read more...]

How To Encourage Cross Training On Your Team

New to an agency with little turn-over. Most have been there for three years or longer performing only one task. I've started trying to have people learn responsibilities of others in case an individual who performs a task no one else does is not at work. I've guaranteed that learning another's … [Read more...]

How To Build A Team With Gender Issues

My team is predominately male...12 men +3 female. The males tend to exclude or not value the input of the females.. not only that but independence is not encouraged among the males. Meaning that there are about three really dominant ones in the group who tend to be able to maintain a status quo type … [Read more...]

How To Make Sure Team Members Are On The Same Track

How can you have a clear concise direction when starting a new project and also support from your other team members along with being flexible? … [Read more...]