You’ve Just Been Promoted to Supervisor, Now What?

There you are sitting at your work station, minding your own business and your manager calls you into his or her office. Slight panic sets in as you wonder what’s up, but before you work yourself up too much, your manager lets you know you’re being promoted to department supervisor. After you get … [Read more...]

A Promotion From Team Member to Team Leader Requires Different Behavior

When you took on your team leader role, what you can say to whom and when changed too. If you were recently promoted from a team member role to your team leader role, that means you brought along all of the baggage that existed in your old role. Some of that can be hard to overcome. Nobody, … [Read more...]

Succession Planning or Replacement Planning? What’s The Difference?

Good morning. I was reviewing some old posts on Workforce.com and saw an entry by you in which you stated there is a difference between succession planning and replacement planning. Can you quantify the difference for me? The Team Doc Says... I can sure clarify it for you. Replacement … [Read more...]

How Do You Define a Key Team Member?

How do you define a key team member? Please give me example. Thanks. The Team Doc Says... The definition of a key team member will more than likely vary from team to team, but I would define them as a person who is integral to the product or service the team delivers. Maybe they are the … [Read more...]

My Manager Won’t Change His Style — Should I Just Quit?

Help! I have a manager that constantly does my job. I have talked to him on numerous occasions and have also talked to his manager about it. I've been here longer than he has and trained him on different systems. He not only does my job but everyone elses in different departments as well. He is very … [Read more...]