Team Building and Trust A Five-Step Model

When it comes to team building, nothing is more important than trust; it's the base upon which everything else is built. And yet, for most of us, trust is an elusive entity, an abstract behavior we all wand to cultivate but find difficult to systematically develop and maintain. Luckily, there's a … [Read more...]

New Team Leader Worries About Experienced Members

If I have to lead the team which consists of many experienced members, what is the best approach and if they have conflicts, what can I do? The Team Doc Says... Okay let me first say you don't sound super thrilled with leading a team. If this assignment was something you did not want to do, … [Read more...]

Working in a Team Based Culture is Hard Work for Team Leaders

A team-based culture is the best type of organizational structure in my opinion, but you have to make sure you understand the disadvantages when you are starting out -- it's definitely not a panacea. There are a lot of things that can go wrong. And being a team leader is really hard work. To … [Read more...]

When Establishing Your Office Space, Stop and Consider the Work That Will Be Done First

One of the most common mistakes you can  make in your business when starting out is underestimating the power of atmosphere. The philosophy that "any space will do" and that any sort of work environment is sufficient is just asking for trouble. Without going into the whole feng shui thing, there's … [Read more...]

Four Reasons Why You Should Consider Recent College Grads as Your Ideal Workforce

There's no excuse for the rampant unemployment rate currently being experienced by college graduates under the age of 25. Their chances of finding fulfilling full-time employment are slim to none. The worst thing about the situation is that their inability to find work is no indicator of their lack … [Read more...]