How To Motivate My Team When Money Is Not An Option

How do I get people to work as a team in a group home? Pay is only minimum wage and there are lots of weekend work and holiday work too.

The Team Doc Says…

It's hard to motivate people when their basic needs aren't met. And there aren't many places in the US where someone can live well on minimum wage. It's a sad state of affairs. Do what you can to improve the monetary compensation of these team members.

Also remember that money is a short term motivator. However each person will be more inclined to participate when they don't have to worry about where their next nickle is coming from.

One way to rally the team is to make sure everyone is focused on the same mission and goals. If people know where they are headed, it can help them determine steps that need to be taken to get there.

And make sure you have a good bit of open communication. A quick 15 minute meeting every day will go a long way toward helping people feel included in the process.

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