Open Communication With a Talking Stick

Have you ever attended a meeting where everyone talked and nobody listened? What a waste of time. Way too often team meetings turn into a “me-fest” where each person is so busy trying to make their own points, they don't hear a word that other people have to say.

If this sounds like your meetings, there is hope. Here's what you need to do.

  • Make sure you use an agenda for your team meetings. The agenda should identify the meeting purpose and have topics and time indicated. A meeting leader should also be designated to help keep the meeting on track.
  • Define working agreements or ground rules for your meetings. If your meetings are a free for all, you probably either don't have ground rules or your team has them and ignores them. If you don't have ground rules, define them as a team. These are rules that guide the behavior of team members during meetings and can be items like:
  • If your team has trouble abiding by the “one person talks at a time rule,” try using a team Talking Stick. This is a physical stick the team will use that indicates who has permission to talk by possession. When a team member has the Talking Stick, they can talk. The stick gets passed around the room as the meeting progresses and helps you allow one person to talk at a time. It's a good tool for teams that need more discipline in this area. I've seen it work for the most unruly teams. It may just be the option for you.

Have you used specific tools to help your team get through team meetings effectively? Please share your thoughts.

About Denise O'Berry

Denise O'Berry is President of The Small Business Edge Corp, a small business consulting firm. A small business owner since 1996, Denise understands the challenges facing small business. She's lived them herself and helped hundreds of clients work through the frustrations, fears, and joys of owning a small business. Denise is the author of Small Business Cash Flow: Strategies for Making Your Business a Financial Success, a practical guide about keeping the cash in your business - where it belongs. Find more resources and tips at deniseoberry.com and askteamdoc.com