How to Manage Your Day When It Is Filled With Interruptions

You've followed all the "rules" about planning your day and work hard to keep it on track. But no matter what you do, it seems like every day turns out the same -- you're there for ten hours, gobble down lunch at your desk and complete five (or none!) of the twenty items on your to do list. It can … [Read more...]

Different Teams Have Unresolved Conflict That Is Destroying The Organization

My staff are not getting along. I am the director of a very small child care center. There are four women besides myself on staff. All of these ladies are between 26 and 32 years of age. Two work in the same class & the other two work in separate classes but work on lesson plans together … [Read more...]

Negative Feedback at Performance Review Comes as a Shock

I'm a very experienced manager in retail in the UK. In a recent performance review its been pointed out that I'm not a team player. This has come as a shock to me but I do realize that its what other people say I have to consider. I'm currently dealing with many performance issues within my store. I … [Read more...]

What to do When the Rules are Ignored by Your Team

I have an issue with getting my employees to follow the rules in the office. I started in my position 8 months ago as a team leader. It was a unique situation. I was working the floor along with everyone else (I'm the youngest team member). Ive worked for the company for four years now and we have … [Read more...]

Use Structure to Hold Team Members Accountable

We have recently been having some problems with things not getting done properly. We don't know exactly which person to "correct" as everyone does everything. They all schedule appointments some, feed the animals some, etc. So, when we find a pet left without water or an appointment scheduled … [Read more...]