What To Include In Team Code Of Conduct

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How To Close The (Mis) Trust Gap In A Team

My team is located all over the states. We seem to have communication and trust issues within our group. I wanted to come up with some team building exercises that can be done over the phone on one of our staff meetings. Do you have any recommendations or suggestions on any team building games or … [Read more...]

ATD-17: Communicating From The Middle

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Be Clear On Your Expectations or Plan To Be Disappointed

Are you having trouble getting your team to meet your expectations when it comes to completing projects and day-to-day deliverables? If so, you could be the problem. Sometimes we get so busy that we forget to verbalize our expectations for projects, deliverables and day-to-day activities. … [Read more...]

Team Reviews Aren’t All They’re Cracked Up To Be

How effective can a group personnel review be when the reviewers (managers) each are reluctant to say anything that would make them seem as not a team player? Is there ever a time when an employee canbe effectively and efficiently reviewed by a team of people? I am speaking of a small non-profit … [Read more...]