Is Team Building an Annual Affair? No Way!

What kind of image do you conjure up when someone mentions the phrase "team building." If your head starts spinning with visions of trust falls, rock climbing, playing with legos or some other game type of activity, you're not alone. That's what most people think of when they hear those words. … [Read more...]

What’s the Best Way to Move Into a Leadership Role?

I currently work as a Research and Development Analyst for an insurance company, but I am desperate to move into a management role preferably within the industry or in another. So far I have persuaded my boss to put me in charge of handling compliance matters on an ad hoc basis, and he has … [Read more...]

How To Encourage Cross Training On Your Team

New to an agency with little turn-over. Most have been there for three years or longer performing only one task. I've started trying to have people learn responsibilities of others in case an individual who performs a task no one else does is not at work. I've guaranteed that learning another's … [Read more...]

How To Align Goals When There Are Two Managers

I work for an international NGO with matrix teams across 50 countries. How do you ensure goal alignment when staff have two bosses ? How do you manage conflict of priorities, time allocation to the line manager and the dotted line manager? … [Read more...]

What Team Building Skills Do Today’s Teens Need?

What team building activities would you suggest for teenagers? I work for the YMCA and am going to pitch a class on Team Building for teenagers. Any suggestions? … [Read more...]