How To Close The (Mis) Trust Gap In A Team

My team is located all over the states. We seem to have communication and trust issues within our group. I wanted to come up with some team building exercises that can be done over the phone on one of our staff meetings. Do you have any recommendations or suggestions on any team building games or … [Read more...]

Open Communication With a Talking Stick

Have you ever attended a meeting where everyone talked and nobody listened? What a waste of time. Way too often team meetings turn into a "me-fest" where each person is so busy trying to make their own points, they don't hear a word that other people have to say. If this sounds like your … [Read more...]

Team Members Late To Meeting

When we have long meetings, it's important to take short breaks. But what's supposed to be a 15 minute break always seems to turn into 25. How do you implement punctuality? The Team Doc Says... … [Read more...]