A Promotion From Team Member to Team Leader Requires Different Behavior

When you took on your team leader role, what you can say to whom and when changed too. If you were recently promoted from a team member role to your team leader role, that means you brought along all of the baggage that existed in your old role. Some of that can be hard to overcome. Nobody, … [Read more...]

Taking The First Step As A Team Leader

I will be given responsibility as Team Leader after one month of working in my team. It's a new team of only two people. What is the first thing that I should do after they announce that I am a Team Leader? … [Read more...]

The First 100 Days Are The Toughest In A New Role

There's nothing like using the first 100 days on the job to take advantage of newbie-ness and set the tone for what is to come. And, in reality, the work of a true leader starts way before day one on the job. If you are a new leader or plan on moving into a leadership role, here are some key actions … [Read more...]

How To Get Someone To Lead The Team

I coach high school baseball. Many of this year's seniors have played together for 7-8 years and are more like brothers. That being the case, many are reluctant to attempt a leadership role and most won't allow any of the others to take on that role because they don't want to feel subservient. When … [Read more...]

How To Get Started in a New Leadership Position

I have just accepted a Director's role in a Contact Center within the Telecommunication industry. I am very excited but at the same time, a little nervous of what to expect as far as welcoming from the current Operations Managers and Supervisors. I would like a few tips on how to break the ice on … [Read more...]