A Promotion From Team Member to Team Leader Requires Different Behavior

When you took on your team leader role, what you can say to whom and when changed too. If you were recently promoted from a team member role to your team leader role, that means you brought along all of the baggage that existed in your old role. Some of that can be hard to overcome. Nobody, … [Read more...]

Making the Tough Decision to Not Promote is Really Hard

I operate a small plastics business outside of Burbank and love every minute of it and have for the twenty years I've been doing it. What started out as just my wife and I molding household furnishings out of our basement has turned into an internationally shipped product line of patented sealants … [Read more...]

What’s the Best Way to Move Into a Leadership Role?

I currently work as a Research and Development Analyst for an insurance company, but I am desperate to move into a management role preferably within the industry or in another. So far I have persuaded my boss to put me in charge of handling compliance matters on an ad hoc basis, and he has … [Read more...]

Will Appointing A Leader Who’s Not Ready Harm The Team?

What are the affects of appointing someone onto a leadership role when they are not ready for it (affects on the team and on themselves)? … [Read more...]