New Team Leader Worries About Experienced Members

If I have to lead the team which consists of many experienced members,¬†what is the best approach and if they have conflicts, what can I do? The Team Doc Says... Okay let me first say you don't sound super thrilled with leading a team. If this assignment was something you did not want to do, … [Read more...]

Be Clear On Your Expectations or Plan To Be Disappointed

Are you having trouble getting your team to meet your expectations when it comes to completing projects and day-to-day deliverables? If so, you could be the problem. Sometimes we get so busy that we forget to verbalize our expectations for projects, deliverables and day-to-day activities. … [Read more...]

Ease Your Stress By Using Simple Delegation Skills

Are you swamped? It's easy these days to get overloaded since so many organizations are trimming back and focusing on doing more with less. That doesn't mean you have to do it all. You might think you're effective at juggling a ton of tasks, keeping your projects straight with a board full of sticky … [Read more...]

How to Handle a Team Leader Who Barks Orders

I have a team leader that likes to bark orders in a rough voice. What can we do? … [Read more...]

What to do When Your Team Gangs Up On You

I am a team leader of 10 people and have a group of 6 of them who stick together and disagee with me on most issues. Always looking for me to do something wrong to report to my supervisor. Even the smallest thing. The bad part is our new supervisor believes them. This is a very stressful situation … [Read more...]