New Team Leader Worries About Experienced Members

If I have to lead the team which consists of many experienced members, what is the best approach and if they have conflicts, what can I do? The Team Doc Says... Okay let me first say you don't sound super thrilled with leading a team. If this assignment was something you did not want to do, … [Read more...]

Problem Solving For Mechanistic Needs – Solutions Finding For Humanistic Needs

Please enjoy this guest post from Michael Cardus of Create Learning. When solving problems with machines, the focus is on the problem with a process structure that looks like this: Defining the problem. Generating alternatives. Evaluating and selecting alternatives. Implementing … [Read more...]

How Long Should a Team Leader Remain a Team Leader?

I was wondering if you had any information, or know of any sources that would have information on how long a team leader should remain in that position on high performance teams. I've found answers from 1 month to forever, but would really like to nail down a best practice for a Team leader handbook … [Read more...]

How To Deal With A Resistant Team Member

We implemented a new process over a year ago that a long-time colleague continues to resist. Despite continued efforts made over the months to work with this team member and ensure they understand, they continue to do old process, hampering productivity and reducing compliance. Team lead is aware … [Read more...]

How To Put A Conflict Aside For The Good Of The Team

You have a team member who happens to be the best pitcher in a baseball team. This team member has had a misunderstanding with the head coach, they just don't see eye to eye. Now the head coach will not play this player & makes him sit on the bench as a form of punishment. This situation is … [Read more...]