Team Activities Affecting Work Performance

A harmonious workplace is a productive workplace. A workplace beset by internal bickering and tension will not be operating to its full potential. But how does an employer change the culture of a dysfunctional workplace and help foster feelings of goodwill among employees? How can the lines of communication be opened? It's quite the can of worms, and one that leaves many an employer banging their heads against a wall in despair.

But despair and dismay won't affect change. There are simple team activities you can employ to help rebuild your workplace in a manner which will enhance productivity and performance. Happy employees want to contribute. Unhappy employees would prefer to be on a beach in the Bahamas.

A good starting point for team building activities is a simple and engaging exercise called The One Question Ice Breaker. You'll need around 15-20 minutes for this activity. The leader of the activity chooses a topic. The topic might be dog ownership, marriage, or house sitting. Employees are divided into teams. The leader then poses the following question: ‘If you could ask just one question to determine this person's suitability for (insert topic), what would it be?' The two person teams are then able to establish one another's suitability for the task at hand. The leader can determine if the entire group will be using the same topic, or if each team is allocated a different topic. It's a fun activity that helps to establish the importance of properly developing meaningful questions.

Even if your workplace doesn't fall into the dysfunctional category, there are plenty of reasons to make team activities part of the work culture. A high turnover of staff or large workplace can create unfamiliarity and discourage workers from being open and clear with one another. Employing team activities similar to the one described above might be all that's required to get your work force communicating comfortably with one another.

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